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Kennel or Club Web Site Content Checklist

By going through this checklist you will have a better understanding of what you may need for your site. It will also make it easier to quote prices. Print the page and mark your choices.
Type of Information Now Future
Content Comments
Style     Flash Animation  
    Splash intro page  
    Menu location  
Kennel or Club Information     Domain Name  
    About us  
    Awards/Professional affiliations  
    Location/Contact information  
(multiple pages)
    Showcase current dogs / services / shows  
    Showcase past dogs / services / shows  
    Showcase Future breedings / services / shows  
    Breed or service description (text, pictures)  
    Testimonials or quotes  


Customer Service Information
(multiple pages)
    Training resources & tips  
    Support telephone numbers  
    Forms (general feedback, user surveys)  
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with answers  
    Downloadable PDF information files  
Other Information
(multiple pages)
    Links to related sites  
    Research findings  
    Resources (books, videos, contacts)  
Maintenance (Do you wish to maintain this site yourself?)     We can design and maintain your site or we can give you access to the site after designing so you can maintain it yourself.  
Sub Domains
(For kennel owners that want a domain name without all the costs involved in registering their own)
    A sub-domain would read as YourKennel.BreedersShowcase.com. Includes free listing on BreedersShowcase.com, e-mail e-mail - ether Web accessed or forwarded,, password protected site with file access,FTP, online HTML editor (ie 6 only) and more.  
Sub Domains (Clubs)
(For members who wish to have their own sub-domain name connected with the Club)
    Increase Club revenue and offer sub-domains for members. (I.e.: Kennelname.YourClub.com) Includes their own password protected site with file access, e-mail e-mail - ether Web accessed or forwarded, FTP, online HTML editor (ie 6 only) and more.