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Business Web Site Content Checklist

By going through this checklist you will have a better understanding of what you may need for your site. It will also make it easier to quote prices. Print the page and mark your choices.
Type of Information Now Later Content Comments
Style     Flash Annimation  
    Splash intro page  
    Menu location  
Company Information    

Domain Name


About this company

    Management/Key personnel  
    Company background  
    Awards/Professional affiliations  
    Directions to office/Contact information  
    Job postings  
Marketing and Sales Information    

Calendar of events

    Product description (text, pictures, videos)  
    Online catalog  
    Samples or examples  
    Customer testimonials or quotes  
    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with answers  
    Press releases and contacts  
    Downloadable PDF information files  
    Forms (general feedback, user surveys, follow-up requests, order forms)  
    List of resellers/distributors  


Customer Service Information    

Usage tips

    Product updates  
    Training resources  
    Support telephone numbers  
    Common questions and answers  
Other Information    

Links to related sites

    Research findings  
    Resources (books, videos, contacts)